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Using library materials (books and periodicals in closed stacks)

Searching for and requesting materials

Most of the holdings of the NDL are in closed stacks where users cannot enter.
Please search for and request the materials from the NDL Online on user terminals or your smartphone.
There is a limit to the number of materials a user can request at one time (For example, 5 books, 10 periodicals, etc.).

Picture: The hall of the Main Building

Confirming the arrival

Requested materials will arrive at the pickup location about 30 minutes after your request.
You can confirm the arrival of your requested materials and the pickup location at user terminals.

Picture: A user terminal to verify the user requests

Collecting materials

Show your user card at the pickup locations to collect the materials.

* Library materials cannot be taken outside the library.

Picture: Book Counter
Book Counter (Main Building 2F)

Picture: Periodicals Counter
Periodicals Counter (Annex 2F)

Reading Rooms

The Tokyo Main Library has three reading rooms.
Electrical outlets are available for your electronic devices in Reading Room 1 and Annex Reading Room.

Picture: the Reading room
Annex Reading Room (Annex 2F)

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