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Photoduplication Service

Photoduplication Service

The National Diet Library provides a photoduplication service within the limits of the Copyright Law and the NDL Rules Concerning Use of Library Materials so as not to impair the right of copyright holders.

To have an item in the library photoduplicated, please request the item at the counter, specify the portion to be photoduplicated, fill in order form and hand it in at the Photoduplication Counter (Copying Center).

The NDL may specify the method of photoduplication, because of the condition of the material etc.

If you already have the exact title, NDL call number and other required information about the item, you can get the NDL interlibrary photoduplication service through your local public library or university library.

NDL photoduplication service is available from abroad. For further information, click here: How to Use NDL International Photoduplication Service

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Restrictions in Photoduplication Service

Photoduplication is allowed on the condition as follows;
  • Photoduplication of items in the NDL collection for the purpose of research or study.
  • Only one copy of a portion(in principle, up to half of the text) of the item. (A non-copyrighted work or a work which copyright holder has given permission to be copied may be copied in its entirety.)

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Types of Photoduplication Services

The following types are available in Tokyo Main Library. Copies will be made by the library staff. (See the "Copying Fee Chart" for the details.)

Same-day photoduplication

  • You will be asked to indicate the portion to be copied in the material you have received for on-site reading or those shelved in open stacks of the reading rooms.
  • You will receive the copies on the day you make the request.

Later date photoduplication (sent by mail)

  • You will be asked to indicate the portion to be copied in the material.
  • The copies will be mailed to the address you specify.

Printouts of electronic materials

  • You can print electronic materials. (Note, however, some materials cannot be printed.)
  • After ordering printouts at the computer terminals by yourself, please come to the Printout Counter within application time.
  • You will receive the printouts on the same day you make the request.

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