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Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room

Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room

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The collection of the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room consists of three categories: "Modern Japanese political history materials," "Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan" and "Materials on Japanese emigration."

Modern Japanese political history materials
Collections of private papers in and after the latter half of the 19th century. They comprise mainly diaries, letters, and drafts, once owned by political leaders, i.e. Cabinet Ministers, Diet Members, senior civil and military officers and others. Each collection bears its former owner's name.

Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan
Collection of records of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Government, private papers and Japanese publications in microfilm concerning mainly the Allied Occupation of Japan in the post WWII period.
Most original records of this collection are in the custody of archives in the U.S. such as the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Library of Congress (LC), the MacArthur Memorial, military document centers and universities' archives and libraries. Some microfilms were filmed by the NDL in the U.S. and the others were purchased from the NARA and other publishers.

Materials on Japanese emigration
Collection of books and periodicals published in the North, Central and South American countries, private papers in original and in microfilm, and government documents in microfilm related to Japanese emigration. The NDL has been microfilming documents which are in the custody of archives in those countries since 1985.

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Collection of documents and materials published in book form

On open shelves or in closed stacks? Materials are mainly stored in the stacks. Some reproduced materials are on open shelves.
Opening hours Mon.-Fri. 9:30-19:00 Sat. 9:30-17:00
Call-slip acceptance hours Mon.-Fri. 9:30-18:00 Sat. 9:30-16:00
No more than 20 items can be requested at any one time.
  1. Only for the purposes for official study and research or for academic study and research.
  2. Application form is required.
  3. Please consider protection of privacy and human rights, when you use the materials.
  4. To avoid the risk of damage, ball-point pens and fountain pens are not to be used when original materials are being used.
  5. When materials from our collections are used in research results, please indicate that the original is in the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room, National Diet Library, with the title and call number of each item.
  6. Materials are to be used only in the room, except when brought out to be photoduplicated.
  1. Originals can be photoduplicated only by photographing and printing (Later date photoduplication (sent by mail) only).
  2. To photoduplicate deposited materials, the permission of the owner of the material is required.

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