• The 4th Digital Archive Forum for Industry–Academia–Government

    To celebrate the official release of Japan Search, we are sponsoring an online forum to discuss the significance of Japan Search and digital archiving in the aftermath of a pandemic.

  • Digitized sounds from Taisho / Showa Era

    The Historical Recordings Collection consists of 50,000 sound recordings digitized by the Historical Records Archive Promotion Conference (HiRAC). Recordings, whose right of public transmission has been cleared, are available on the Internet.

  • Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

    This exhibition presents portrait photographs of statesmen, government officials, military officers, businessmen, scholars, cultural figures and others who had an impact on building modern Japanese society.

  • Archiving websites for the future

    Information on the Internet is updated frequently, and websites come and go just as quickly. To counter the ephemeral nature of information on the Internet, the National Diet Library regularly collects and archives websites to preserve their content for the future.

Current~Coming Events and Exhibitions

  • Open

    July 28(Tue.)~August 30(Sun.),

    Barrier-free Children's Books from Around the World - 2019 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities will be held at the ILCL

  • Now Accepting

    September 10(Thu.),

    The 4th Digital Archive Forum for Industry–Academia–Government
    The Japan Search Challenge: What can digital archives contribute in the aftermath of a pandemic? * will be held at the Online

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