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  • Exploring Japanese Landmarks in Nishiki-e and Photographs

    The digital exhibition "Exploring Japanese Landmarks in Nishiki-e and Photographs" presents a variety of materials from the collection of the National Diet Library, including nishiki-e and photographs of Japanese Landmarks mainly from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods.

  • Archiving websites for the future

    Information on the Internet is updated frequently, and websites come and go just as quickly. To counter the ephemeral nature of information on the Internet, the National Diet Library regularly collects and archives websites to preserve their content for the future.

  • The Colorful World of Digital Collections

    The NDL Digital Exhibitions features the NDL's unique collections with explanations covering various themes such as nishiki-e, landscape photographs and historical materials. Discover your favorites!

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  • Open

    March 26(Tue.)~June 23(Sun.),

    The Imperial Library and the Dawn of Japanese Children's Books will be held at the ILCL

  • Now Accepting

    June 23(Sun.),

    Let’s enter GIF IT UP!—How to make a GIF animation * will be held at the ILCL

  • Upcoming

    July 9(Tue.)~August 25(Sun.),

    The World Through Picture Books-Librarians' favourite books from their country will be held at the ILCL

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