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Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room

Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room

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Features and collections The Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room (PDOP) holds a wide selection of essential materials of legislative, judicial and executive branches of Japanese and foreign governments as well as inter-governmental organizations.
PDOP's collections consist of 320,000 Japanese books, 460,000 foreign books, 540,000 issues of Japanese journals, 910,000 issues of foreign journals and 1,780,000 microforms.
All of them are readily available to Diet members, Diet staff and the general public. About 60,000 books and journals are placed on the open shelves for easy access.
The collections of Japanese materials include Japanese parliamentary documents, statutes, law reports, treaty collections and commentaries from the Meiji era, as well as leaflets issued by the national and local governments.
The collections of foreign materials include parliamentary materials of about 70 jurisdictions and legal materials of about 150 jurisdictions. In particular, basic materials published after the 18th-19th centuries in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and France have been collected comprehensively.
Databases available Please see Electronic Resources Service at the Tokyo Main Library.
Printout service available.
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Modern Japanese political history materials
On open shelves or in closed stacks?

On open shelves


Minutes of the Imperial Diet and Committee meetings.
Kanpo (Official Gazette), Horei Zensho (Compendium of laws and regulations), Zyoyakusyu (Treaty Series), compilations of laws and regulations in force, most recent edition of compilations of laws by subject. Collection of local ordinances in force and official gazettes of prefectures.
Court reports.
White papers, annual reports and statistics.


Recent parliamentary documents of U.S., U.K., Germany and France. Current gazettes, compilations of laws in force, compilations of laws by subject.
Major statistics of U.S., U.K., Germany and France.
Official record of the United Nations, treaties, fundamental materials of the EU, OECD statistics.

Reference books on law and politics inside and outside Japan.

In closed stacks

Back numbers of parliamentary documents and statues of Japan and foreign countries including materials in microform.
Pamphlets and materials in microform published by Japanese and foreign government offices.
Books, pamphlets, documents and materials in microform published by international organizations.
Unbound materials and others.

Opening hours Mon.-Fri. 9:30-19:00 Sat. 9:30-17:00
Call-slip acceptance hours Mon.-Fri. 9:30-18:00 Sat. 9:30-16:00
  1. No special registration is required to use the room.
  2. Reference service is available at the counter.
  3. Materials on open shelves are free-access. To use materials in closed stacks, fill in a call-slip and submit it at the counter.
  4. Materials are to be used only in the room, except when brought out to be copied.
  5. If you wish to take the materials out of the room for copying, please check them out at the counter in this room first.
Photoduplication Materials on the open shelves can be photocopied by same-day service only (partly some materials are regular service only). Some of them can be photocopied from reprint editions or microforms with same-day service.
Most materials in closed stacks can be photocopied both same-day service and regular service, although some of them can be photocopied only by regular service.
For details, please ask at the counter.

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