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Visitor Qualification

Visitor Qualification

Anyone aged eighteen years or older is eligible to enter the reading rooms and use the materials. To introduce the facilities and functions of the Kansai-kan, we offer guided tours for everybody.

Information for Visitors

There are some notice and information to use our library. Please check them before your visit.

Entering the library

  1. The visitors' entrance is the main entrance on the northern side (in the center facing Seika Boulevard). When visiting the library by car, please park in the car park and proceed to the visitors' entrance. Visitors must check into the library at the first basement floor. (For details of the visitors' entrance, see "Map of the area around the library.")
  2. If you have not registered yet, you can apply for user registration and receive a Registration Card at the entrance.
  3. Users who wish to enter without making a user registration can obtain a one-day user card. To obtain a one-day user card, please fill in an application form and receive the card at the entrance gate.
  4. Items prohibited in the library must be put in a locker on the first floor or the first basement floor. You are requested to carry writing instruments, purses and valuables with you or put them in the plastic bag provided by the library.
  5. After receiving the user card, proceed to the Entrance Gate. Touch the sensor of the Entrance Gate with your user card to open the gate and enter the Reading Room.

*If you have any question about the procedures, please ask the staff at the Entrance Counter. The guidance brochure on how to use the library are has been prepared at the Entrance Counter.

*The items listed below are not allowed in the library. If you bring an umbrella with you, please use the umbrella stands located near the visitors' entrance and in the locker room on the first floor. You are requested to put other items which are not allowed in the library in a locker located near the elevator (coin-operated lockers; the 100-yen coin will be returned after use).

  • Bags, Paper bags, Envelopes or any other opaque containers 7x10 inches (17x26 cm) or larger
  • Umbrellas
  • Copiers
  • Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Ink bottles
  • Blades (scissors, paper cutters, etc.)
  • Dangerous materials, etc.

*Please turn off the sound of your cell phone, PHS and/or pager in the library. Conversations on the phone are not allowed in the Reading Room.

*Visitors carrying personal computers, word processors, etc. can use these devices in designated sections of the Reading Room (electrical outlets available).

User registration

By registering, you can issue a user card simply with your registered-user card and password. If you wish to apply for a Registered User, you need to take an identification card with you. For details of user registration, please see here.

Leaving the library

  1. Please return all the materials you have borrowed before you leave the library. If you have not settled the bill for copying services, please pay it to the cashier in the Photoduplication Counter.
  2. You must return the user card to the Entrance Counter when you leave the library (except Registration Cards).

*Caution! Do not forget your belongings in the locker.

Lost and Found

Lost property is kept in the library. Please call the following number for confirmation before visiting the library to claim lost items:

Disaster Prevention Center (West Entrance)

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