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Service for Person with Disabilities

Visiting the Kansai-kan

Contact point

You are recommended to find out how to use the Kansai-kan and whether the library holds the materials you need before visiting the library.
Please contact us in advance for information on services: 0774-98-1200 (automated voice information service). Follow the instructions and press the number for "Information on materials".
As for the access to the Kansai-kan, please visit the "Access" page.


There is a parking lot on the east side of the library. There are parking spaces for up to four cars exclusively for the physically handicapped.
For a map of the entrances/exits and area around the library, see "Map of the area around the library".


Please use the main entrance for visitors at the front of the building. There is an elevator at the back of the entrance hall to the first basement floor where the Reading Rooms is located.
For the map of the entrances/exits and area around the library, see "Map of the area around the library".

Guide dogs for the blind, handicapped and/or deaf

You can enter and use the library with your guide dog.


Two wheelchairs are available at the Entrance Counter. Please inquire at the main entrance or Entrance Counter.

Services and facilities

If any assistance is needed to use the library, do not hesitate to ask at the Entrance Counter or the Information Desk. Persons in charge will assist you with admission procedures, searches and requests for materials, copying services and so on.
The locations of the rest rooms for the physically handicapped are displayed on the floor maps in the library as well as in the brochures. Also, floor maps in Braille are available at the main entrance and the Information Desk.
Foods and drinks are available in the cafeteria on the 4th floor. Please feel free to ask for any assistance you need to use the services.

Communication in writing

You can communicate in writing if you need. Feel free to ask at any library counter.
A magnetic system is used at each counter so that hearing aids can pick up the voices easily.

Print-magnifying device

Two print-magnifying devices are available in the reading room.

Print-reading device

One print-reading (Yomube Smile) device is available in the study room.

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Using the Kansai-kan services without visiting the library

Use through other libraries

The materials of the Kansai-kan are available through your local public library. The materials of the Kansai-kan can be searched and accessed through the interlibrary loan system; the copying service can be ordered by mail; and requests for the reference service can be made through your local library.
For details on the procedures, consult your local library.

Use of Braille resources and recorded books

The Kansai-kan lends the Braille resources held by the National Diet Library (including holdings of the Tokyo Main Library) and recorded academic literature made by the NDL (cassette tapes or DAISY format) to the libraries that offer services to the visually handicapped.
For further information, see "Services for libraries providing services for persons with disabilities"(Japanese only).

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