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Objectives and Primary functions

Objectives of the Kansai-kan

Objectives of the construction of the Kansai-kan are as follows:

1. Securing of Additional Stack Space

The NDL Tokyo Main Library (Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku) has a storage capacity of approximately 12 million volumes, but the collections steadily increased and almost reached the full storage capacity in fiscal 2001. It was thus imperative to secure an additional long-term storage space with an adequate capacity.

2. Supply of Library Services in Highly-advanced Information Society

The needs of the general public for information have become increasingly diverse through the development of the Internet and other technologies. In response the NDL is expected to supply library services that make effective use of such technologies.

Conventional library services have consisted mainly of services for those who come in person, and this has made it difficult for the NDL to serve people outside the Tokyo metropolitan area. The need has grown for new types of services easily accessible by remote users, and so the NDL needed to acquire a new facility serving as a "digital library".

Primary functions


  • Services of remote use
  • Services of inside use
  • Services of Asian information

Library cooperation project

  • Compilation and supply of union catalog
  • Study of library and information science and training and exchange programs for librarians
  • Cooperation with library for the handicapped
  • Compilation and supply of Collaborative Reference Database

Digital library project

  • Development, administration and examination of digital library system
  • Construction and supply of digital library contents