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Organization, Staff and Budget

The National Diet Library (NDL) belongs to the National Diet (the country's legislature). The presiding officers of the two Houses appoint the Librarian of the NDL after consultations with their Standing Committees on Rules and Administration and with the approval of their Houses. The Standing Committees also examine and approve NDL's rules and regulations, operations and budget.
As of April 2015, the NDL has 888 staff members including the Librarian and the Deputy Librarian (excluding staff of branch libraries in the executive and judicial branches of the government). The general staff is recruited through open competitive examinations.
The NDL organization consists of the following libraries: the central library (Administrative Department, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, Acquisitions and Bibliography Department, Reader
Services and Collections Department, Digital Information Department, and the Kansai-kan) and the International Library of Children's Literature, branch library of the NDL, and 27 branch libraries in the executive and judicial branches of the government.
The government provides all the NDL's expenses. The FY2015 initial budget allocated to the NDL, excluding expenses for facilities, is approximately 18.63 billion yen, of which expenses for purchasing materials are 2.33 billion yen.

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