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Organization, Staff and Budget


The NDL is a part of the legislative branch of the Japanese government, the National Diet of Japan.
The NDL comprises three main facilities: the Tokyo Main Library, the Kansai-kan, and the International Library of the Children's Literature, which each play important roles in providing comprehensive library services as part of a single national organization.
The NDL collaborates with 27 branch libraries operated by agencies in the executive and judicial branches of the Japanese government, which form a network and collaborate closely in providing general library services.

Staff members

As of April 2024, the NDL has 895 staff members including the Director General and the Deputy Director General (excluding staff of branch libraries in the executive and judicial branches of the government). The general staff is recruited through open competitive examinations.


As the NDL belongs to the Diet, its annual revenues and expenditures are in the national budget. The FY2024 initial budget allocated to the NDL is approximately 20,201 million yen, of which expenses for purchasing materials are 2,222 million yen.

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