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Mission and Rules

Greetings from the Director General

Sawako Hanyu, the 16th Director General welcomes you to the National Diet Library's website.

The National Diet Library Midterm Vision: Universal Access 2020 and the National Diet Library Milestone Goals 2017–2020

NDL Profile

The National Diet Library Law


This page introduces the National Diet Library's basic policy documents.

Activity Performance Evaluation

The evaluation reports to assess the progress in achieving NDL objectives.

The results of annual user surveys.

Annual Report of the National Diet Library

You can read the Annual Reports that summarize the NDL activities of each fiscal year.(Japanese only)

Services for the National Diet

An outline of the NDL's Research and Legislative Reference Bureau.

Services for the Executive & Judicial Agencies

Library services for the executive and judicial agencies.

Material Acquisition, Preservation

This explains the legal deposit system.

This page introduces our policy and methods for acquisition of materials.

This page introduces the preservation activities of the NDL.

Organization of Science and Technology Information

This page introduces the organization of science and technology information of the NDL.

International Cooperation

This page outlines NDL's international cooperation activities.

Digital Library Projects

Protection of Personal Information

This page introduces the treatment of personal information of the NDL.

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