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Statistics by fiscal year are available at “Annual Report of the National Diet Library” (in Japanese).

Back numbers of “Annual Report of the National Diet Library” are available at “National Diet Library Digital Collections.” Please see “Finance” page for budget information.

The NDL in figures (Key statistics of FY 2015)

Buidings and storage

  Total site area Total floor space Total area of reading rooms Total storage space Storage capacity
Tokyo Main Library 30,000m2 14,8000m2 19,000m2 78,000m2 12,000,000 volumes
Kansai-kan of the NDL 83,000m2 59,000m2 4,300m2 24,000m2 6,000,000 volumes
ILCL * 7,700m2 13,000m2 2,100m2 3,100m2 1,050,000 volumes

Collections (As of March, 2016)

  Total acquisitions Annual acquisition
Total 41,881,649 items 831,184 items
Books 10,751,931 items 219,051 items
Periodicals and newspapers 17,034,573 items 552,919 items
Microforms 9,120,592 items 13,459 items
Recorded materials 715,341 items 10,224 items
Machine-readable materials
(CD-ROM, DVDs, etc.)
134,532 items 6,459 items
Maps 563,282 items 5,383 items
Doctoral dissertations 592,392 items 2,696 items
Manuscripts 384,944 items 9,781 items

Services (FY 2015)

Services for the public
Reference services 835,984 cases
Reading services 2,269,028 items
Copying services 1,505,980 cases
On-site users 722,062 people
Tokyo Main Library 553,800 people
(1,978 per day on average)
Kansai-kan of the NDL 68,881 people
(246 per day on average)
ILCL 99,381 people
(346 per day on average)
Digital Library services
Number of accesses to our website 21,346,142
Services for the National Diet
Reference and research on request 44,822 cases
Loan services 22,750 items
Copying services 6,925 cases

* excluding loan and copying services for research on request

Services for the executive and judicial branches
Reference and research on request 1,065 cases
Loan services 7,022 items
Services for Libraries
Reference services 5,128 cases
Loan services 19,666 items

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