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Activity Performance Evaluation

The National Diet Library (NDL) reflects the results of assessment, analysis, and evaluation of its own activities (services and operations) into future planning and activities. This Activity Performance Evaluation system is intended to help achieve the National Diet Library Milestone Goals 2017–2020 (hereinafter referred to as "Milestone Goals"). Also, we have adopted a Plan-Do-Check-Act management cycle, through which we work continuously to improve our services and operations in fulfilling our responsibility to provide the nation with information on Activity Performance Evaluation.

[Activity Performance Evaluation schema]

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Evaluation of each fiscal year

The National Diet Library (NDL) formulates mid-term objectives, known as Milestone Goals. Each fiscal year, we also formulate Major Activities under Milestone Goals and evaluate the status of these activities after the fiscal year ends. In addition, we establish quantitative indicators for objective evaluation of our Milestone Goals, acquire figures on actual performance at the end of the fiscal year, and pay close attention to evaluation of variations over the course of the year.

Our previous framework and results

The NDL has been running the evaluation system for service improvement since FY2004. The system underwent revision in FY2007-2008 and became the Activity Performance Evaluation.

Expert Council of Evaluation

Actual performance measurement

We maintain a wide range of statistics for assessing exact quantities of services provided by sampling the days required to provide services. These figures are published as Service Performance Indicators (Japanese). In addition, we continually assess customer satisfaction and demands for improved services through annual user surveys each fiscal year.

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