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Greetings from the Director General


Mr. Yoshinaga

The National Diet Library, Japan, is both the sole national library of Japan as well as the parliamentary library for Japan's National Diet. As such, we play several key roles based on our founding philosophy that truth makes us free. These roles include supporting the legislative activities of Diet members, acquiring and preserving library materials or other forms of information from both domestic and foreign sources, and providing the general public with ready access to information resources.

Despite our best efforts to fulfill each of these roles in the midst of a pandemic, we must apologize for the inconveniences caused by limitations on the number of visitors and other restrictions put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Naturally, we are committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases, even as we endeavor to provide our patrons with improved services. And we thank you for your cooperation.

Recent advances in information and communication technology as well as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a growing demand for library materials to be digitized and services made available online. Moreover, we at the National Diet Library recognize the need for further enhancement of our remote services. To this end, we have declared the five-year period that starts with FY 2021 to be "The Digital Shift at the National Diet Library," during which time we will focus on "Developing a permanent national digital information infrastructure" and "Achieving universal access".

Gutenberg's invention of letterpress printing during the fifteenth century drastically changed the intellectual activities of all people. Given that digital technology has the potential to overcome physical barriers, we believe that an equally revolutionary change is imminent. In this new, digital era, we at the National Diet Library, Japan, are committed to cooperating with other libraries, museums, and archives in providing all citizens with a firm foundation on which to undertake a wide range of intellectual activities.

We very much appreciate and look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

April, 2021

Director General of the National Diet Library

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