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Establishment of 1955 System

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b. Establishment of 1955 System

6-9 ISHIBASHI Cabinet

ISHIBASHI Cabinet. From "Showa Nimannichi no Zenkiroku vol.11"
ISHIBASHI Cabinet. From "Showa Nimannichi no Zenkiroku vol.11"

On 14 December 1956 (Showa 31), ISHIBASHI Tanzan beat KISHI Nobusuke in a runoff election for the President of the Liberal Democratic Party, making him the next Prime Minister succeeding HATOYAMA Ichiro. In January 1957 (Showa32), ISHIBASHI released "five pledges," vowing to implement five policy goals, including the construction of a welfare nation and the realization of peace in the world. The materials used here are autographs ISHIBASHI prepared for nationwide campaigns. In these documents, ISHIBASHI said Japan should pursue peaceful diplomacy backed by independence, and his Cabinet would try to stabilize and enhance the lives of the people. The documents also reflect ISHIBASHI's liberalistic political philosophy, in which he says the fundamental principle of democracy is to respect people's individuality.

Autographs for campaign speech

Autographs for campaign speech
  • January 1957 (Showa 32)
  • Papers of ISHIBASHI Tanzan, #563
  • National Diet Library
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