Wasan Library

This Library posts the full-text images of materials related to this exhibition from Wasan materials owned by the National Diet Library.
When selecting books, we chose them with an emphasis on the persons mentioned in Part 1 and materials that have features in line with the explanations therein.
Note that as this Library introduces the materials that are owned by the National Diet Library as of now, it may retain a part of materials even if the original materials should form a set (for example, it lacks Gomei sanpo 1). In the case of such materials, we only introduce those owned by the National Diet Library; we apologize in advance for this.
Even if some materials have the same titles, however, it often transpired that each such manuscript was written in totally different character style and form. For this reason, we post the text image of each of such materials in this exhibition. Regarding printed books, we post and introduce the same bibliographic information for the convenience of readers who wish to compare and confirm detailed bibliographic data items.

The Library is divided into the following five categories. These categories correspond to the chapter structure of Part 1.

  1. Jinkoki
  2. Seki Takakazu & the Seki School
  3. Development of Wasan
  4. Wasan related to Practical Science and Surveying
  5. Introducing Overseas Knowledge

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