The following lists sites that have full-text images of Wasan reference materials:

Tohoku University: Wasan DB
Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University: Digital Library
Ochanomizu University Library: Wasan (Japanese mathematics) Collection
Yamagata University Kojirakawa Library: The Sakuma collection
Chiba Prefectural Library: Boso Mathematical Library
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Book Archive

Full-text images of magazines and treatises related to Wasan

For Tokyo Sugaku Kaisha Zasshi and its successor and Tohoku Sugaku Zasshi, you may read their full text at Journal@rchive ( ).

For Sugakushi Kenkyu, you can view its full-text image from the general contents ( ).

Sites related to Wasan

Wasan Institute
NPO WASAN (Society for Diffusing Wasan)
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Sangaku across Japan

References to Wasan

Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Data Base (database of Wasan terminology)
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Chronology

Wasan exhibition (with an exhibit of picture records)

Kyoto University Library: “The Era of Wasan” held in 2003


Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Geometric Formulae in Wasan

In addition to the above, you may find more websites provided by Wasan researchers and enthusiasts across Japan.

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