The following lists sites that have full-text images of Wasan reference materials:

Tohoku University: Wasan Shiryo DB
Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Mathematics In Classics (Dep. Math.)
Ochanomizu University Library: Wasan (Japanese mathematics) Collection
Yamagata University Kojirakawa Library: The Sakuma collection
Chiba Prefectural Library: Boso Mathematical Library
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Book Archive

Full-text images of magazines and treatises related to Wasan

For Tokyo Sugaku Kaisha Zasshi and its successor and Tohoku Sugaku Zasshi, you may read their full text at Tohoku Mathematical Journal ( ).

For Sugakushi Kenkyu, you can view its full-text image from the general contents ( ).

Sites related to Wasan

NPO WASAN (Society for Diffusing Wasan)
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Sangaku across Japan

References to Wasan

Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Data Base (database of Wasan terminology)
Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Wasan Chronology

Wasan exhibition (with an exhibit of picture records)

Kyoto University Library: “The Era of Wasan” held in 2003


Wasan Hall (Mr. Kotera Hiroshi): Geometric Formulae in Wasan

In addition to the above, you may find more websites provided by Wasan researchers and enthusiasts across Japan.

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