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Digital Exhibitions

The NDL Gallery features digital exhibitions of the NDL's unique collections with easy-to-understand explanations.

Online Gallery of the National Diet Library

A Treasure Box of Books

This exhibition features selected material from exhibitions held during 2018 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the National Diet Library. Part 1 introduces the history of the NDL, while Part 2 comprises a variety of materials presenting diverse perspectives. (Japanese version available since January 2019, English version available since June 2019)

Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people

This exhibition introduces autographs and the drawings of well-known people in Japan who played active roles in many different fields from the early modern times until the Showa era. The contents are based on the special exhibition of the same title held in 2014. (The Japanese version has been available since August 2016, the English version was added in April 2017)

Modern Japan and France

This exhibition introduces the 150-year history of exchanges between Japan and France. The exhibits covering politics, industry, literature, art, lifestyles and subcultures were all selected from the NDL collection. (available since December 2014)

Japon moderne et France

Cette exposition présente l'histoire de 150 ans d'échanges entre le Japon et la France. Les matériels exposés couvrant la politique, l'industrie, la littérature, les beaux arts, les modes de vie et des sous-cultures ont tous été sélectionnés dans la collection NDL. (disponible depuis Décembre 2014)

The Landmarks of Edo in Color Woodblock Prints

This exhibition introduces Nishiki-e (color woodblock prints) of landmark places in Edo from our collections. There are four search menus such as "Find on a map," and "Search by Artist," so you can search for landscape nishiki-e from various viewpoints. (available since March 2014)

Japanese Mathematics in the Edo Period

Wasan is the native Japanese mathematics of the Edo period. This digital exhibition shows Wasan materials with their bibliography. It also gives an outline of Wasan history and columns about it.(available since December 2011)

Expositions, where the modern technology of the times was exhibited

This exhibition gives an outline of international expositions and Japanese industrial exhibitions in the late 19th century and introduces the industrial technology development of the time.
(Japanese version available since June 2010, the English version added in March 2011)

Japan-Netherlands Exchange in the Edo Period

This exhibition introduces the history of Japan-Netherlands exchange in two parts. Old materials including Dutch books from our collection, documents, diaries, etc. are displayed.
(available since December 2009)

100 years of Japanese Emigration to Brasil

This exhibition introduces documents, newspaper articles, etc. related to Japanese immigration to Brazil from our collections.
(Japanese and Portuguese versions available since March 2009, English version added in May 2014)

100 anos de imigração japonesa no Brasil

Esta exposição apresenta documentos, artigos de jornais, etc relacionados com a imigração japonesa para o Brasil de nossas coleções.
(Versões em japonês e português estaõ disponíveis desde março de 2009, versão Inglês foi adicionado maio 2014)

Rare books of the National Diet Library - The 60th anniversary -

This exhibition aims to provide electronically on the website the materials of the special exhibitions held in 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the National Diet Library. This exhibition introduces rare materials categorized into three themes: "Carrying on the Classics," "Intellectual Exchange," and "Varieties of “ehon” books." (available since November 2008)

The Meiji and Taisho Eras in Photographs From photographs in publications held by the National Diet Library

This exhibition introduces photographs of famous buildings and sights from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, selected from the photo books in our collection.
(Tokyo version available since August 2007; Kansai version since March 2008; Tohoku version since April 2016.)

Modern Japan in archives

This exhibition presents representative documents related to modern and contemporary Japanese political history.
(available since July 2006, Chapter 6 added since November 2010)

Fauna and Flora in Illustrations -Natural History of the Edo era-

This exhibition presents materials related to the natural history of the Edo era. The contents are based on the special exhibition held in 2005 with additional materials provided in digital form under the title "Eyes to Nature."(In Japanese)
(available since December 2005)

Incunabula -Dawn of Western Printing-

This exhibition presents incunabula, books that were printed using metal type up to the year 1500.
(available since August 2004)

Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

This exhibition presents portrait photographs of statesmen, government officials, military officers, businessmen, scholars, cultural figures and others who had an impact on building modern Japanese society.
(available since July 2004; added in March 2007 and in January 2013)

Japanese Ex-libris Stamps

This exhibition follows the trail of book collectors in Japan through ex-libris ownership stamps in books.
(available since July 2003)

Birth of the Constitution of Japan

This exhibition shows the important documents with commentaries concerning the formulation of the Constitution of Japan.
(revised and completed in May 2004)

The Japanese Calendar

This page offers an accessible introduction to the history of the Japanese calendar with digital images of the Daisho-reki calendar, which was popular in the Edo period.
(available since October 2002, renewed in March 18, 2016)

Nippon in the world

This digital exhibition consists of three parts: "Scenic Mementos of Japan". "Vienna International Exposition, " and "Modern Japanese Political History Materials."
(available since August 2000)

Rare Books of the National Diet Library (Japanese only)

The contents of an exhibition held in 1998 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the NDL have been reproduced in digital form.
(Japanese version only, available since June 1998)

Small Digital Exhibitions "Kaleidoscope of Books" (In Japanese)

Small Digital Exhibitions  "Kaleidoscope of Books" (In Japanese)

These small digital exhibitions introduce books on various themes, topical or of interest, from the NDL collections. The pamphlets of regular exhibitions that finished in 2008 are also available.
(available since May 2009)

Online Gallery by the International Library of Children's Literature

A teenager's encyclopedia of the history of Japan during the late Edo and Meiji periods

The National Diet Library's collection of books on the theme of the history of Japan during the late Edo and Meiji periods, including those held by the International Library of Children's Literature, is presented in an encyclopedia format. (In Japanese)
(available since June 2014)

Japanese Children's Literature: A history from the International Library of Children's Literature Collections

This exhibition presents the historical outline of the Japanese children's literature since the Meiji era through about 450 children's books. Special-feature sections of outstanding authors and illustrators, stories featured in Japanese-language textbooks and its original piece and works of children's poets are also displayed. (In Japanese)
(available since April 2014; added in April 2015)

Children's Books in the Victorian Era: from the Winnington-Ingram Collection

This exhibition presents about 50 books representative of the 19th century, at the dawn of modern children's literature, from the Winnington-Ingram Collection comprising children's books of Great Britain from the 18th to 20th centuries.
(available since April 2013)

Children's Books Going Overseas from Japan

This exhibition introduces Japanese children's books translated in thirty countries and regions, and also their Japanese originals.
(Japanese version available since March 2010; English version added in January 2012)

The 100th anniversary of the former Imperial Library building

The building that now houses of the International Library of Children's Literature was originally built in 1906 as the Imperial Library. Photographs and other materials of buildings in each era and place are available.(In Japanese)
(available since September 2006)

Picture Book Gallery

The ILCL edits images of valuable picture books published inside and outside Japan and introduces the process of the development of the "picture book" genre from its birth to the present.
(available since May 2000; new contents added in May every year from 2005 to 2012)

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