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4-2 Government Announcement, "Revisions Resubmitted to the Privy Council," June 8, 1946

 On June 8, 1946, a plenary session of the Privy Council skipped a second reading of the draft to call a vote, in which a resounding majority concurred with the notable exception of Privy Councillor Tatsukichi Minobe. This decision led the government to announce its own additional amendments when its draft proposal was re-submitted, which included, among others, changing the requirements of the Emperor's actions regarding matters of state from "advice and consent" to "advice and approval" of the Cabinet. On June 9, 1946, the press reported the details of these amendments. The amendments were kept close until this time as they were still pending until the very end, should the Privy Council's deliberations have resulted in further amendments.

Actual Title of Source Sufu Kenpoan Kaketsu (Yomiuri Shimbun)
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Place of Publication Tokyo
Publisher The Yomiuri Newspapers
Date of Publication June 9, 1946
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