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Katsutoshi Takami, a Senior Specialist at the National Diet Library, is the Editor in Charge of this project.

Explanation of Documents

The outline and explanation of documents were produced by researchers at the National Diet Library along with the Constitution Research Office of the Research and Legislative Reference Bureau and the Modern Japanese Political Documents Division of the Reference and Special Collections Department.

People Who Cooperated and Contributed Documents

We would like to express our appreciation and recognition to the many people who contributed documents and cooperated in the creation of this exhibit.

Exhibited Documents

Some of the documents presented here are digital images of hand written or printed documents and may include areas that are difficult to read. We apologize for this.

Documents for which the "Repository" or "Repository (reproduction)" is listed as the "National Diet Library" are kept in the Tokyo Main Building, mainly in the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room (Kensei Shiryoshitsu).


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Reproduction of the contents

If you wish to reproduce any item or any portion of any item (image, document, article, data, etc.) in this exhibition, please complete the reproduction request form and send to us in advance.

Please note that in some cases, you cannot use an image that belongs to another institution or posted with the permission of the copyright-holder.

For more details, please see Terms of Use of the National Diet Library Digital Exhibitions on the NDL website


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