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4-3 "Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution," Submitted to the Imperial Diet, June 20, 1946

 The 90th session of the Imperial Diet, "the Constitutional Session", was convened on May 16, 1946, but the opening ceremony was not held until June 20 because of the situation related to the formation of the cabinet. On the day of the opening ceremony, the "Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution" along with the Imperial Rescript were submitted to the Diet in line with the procedure for constitutional amendment as stated in Article 73 of the Meiji Constitution. Debate on the Constitution was initiated on June 21 in a policy address presented by Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida in the form of a question. On June 25, the "Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution" was placed on the agenda before a plenary session of the House of Representatives where Prime Minister Yoshida spoke about the reasons for the draft proposal. Immediately following this speech, 11 members questioned before the plenary session over the next four days until June 28. It is possible to see handwritten notes throughout this document made by Tatsuo Sato, Vice Director General of the Bureau of Legislation, as he prepared for the Prime Minister's reply.

Actual Title of Source Teikoku Kenpo Kaiseian
Date June 20, 1946
Document Number Sato Tatsuo Papers: 130
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