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4-1 Records of the Privy Council Committee, April to May 1946

 The Privy Council established the first examination committee for the Draft for a Revised Constitution submitted by the Government (chaired by Privy Councillor Shigenosuke Ushio) on April 22, 1946, at which time the Shidehara Cabinet submitted its resignation to the Emperor. The examination committee was in session almost continuously deliberating the draft article by article, holding meetings every few days, until its eighth meeting on May 15. The draft under consideration was withdrawn temporarily because of the formation of the Yoshida Cabinet on May 22, and was submitted again to the Privy Council with minor alterations on May 27. The examination committee convened again on May 29, and at its ninth meeting completed the series of deliberations. Because the Privy Council meeting was secret, these minutes of the meeting taken by the Secretary of the Privy Council are the only official record.

Actual Title of Source Sumitsuin Iinkai Kiroku
Date April to May 1946
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers: 31
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Repository National Diet Library
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