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Chronology of Mutual Visit Programs between the National Diet Library (NDL) and the National Library of Korea (NLK) (Titles and posts are those at the time.)

The reports are written in Japanese. You need the Asian font pack for Adobe Reader (Japanese) to read them. If you do not have it, please download it from the Adobe website.
No.(Year) Period Exchange activities Reports
(Monthly Bulletin:
NDL Monthly Bulletin)
19(2016) in Japan Oct 3 (Mon) to Oct 8 (Sat) Keynote speeches: Theme: Current status and challenges in acquiring online periodicals Monthly Bulletin No. 668 (Dec. 2016)(PDF: 6.78MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 209 (Dec. 2016)
18(2015) in Korea September 7 (Mon) to 13 (Sun) Keynote speeches: Theme 1: Remote services Theme 2: Latest trends of making and providing bibliographic data Monthly Bulletin No. 656 (Dec. 2015)(PDF: 4.34MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 203 (Dec. 2015)
17(2014) in Japan July 8 (Tue) to July 15 (Tue) Keynote speeches: Theme 1: Strategic Plan as a National Library Theme 2: Current Status and Challenges of Information Service for the Executive Agencies of the Government Exchange between Children's Libraries: Services for visitors Monthly Bulletin No. 642 (Sep. 2014)(PDF: 6.12MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 195 (Aug. 2014)
16(2013) in Korea May 27 (Mon) to June 3 (Mon) Keynote speeches: Theme 1: Acquisition, cataloging, and preservation of online materials Theme 2: Acquisition, cataloging and user service for non-book materials Exchange between Children's Libraries: Services for visitors Monthly Bulletin No. 628/629 (Jul./Aug. 2013)(PDF: 3.74MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 190 (Aug. 2013)
15(2012) in Japan September 4 (Tue) to 11 (Tue) Keynote speeches: Current Status and Challenges of Two Libraries Theme 1: National Library's engagement in bibliography and future development Theme 2: Current Status and Measures to Enhance the Interlibrary Cooperation Monthly Bulletin No. 619 (Oct. 2012)(PDF: 4.28MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 185 (Oct. 2012)
14(2011) in Korea October 24 (Mon) to 31 (Mon) Keynote speeches: Theme 1: Policy information support service and cooperation with government libraries Theme 2: Acquisition, preservation and user service of old and rare materials Monthly Bulletin No. 609 (Dec. 2011)(PDF: 3.74MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 180 (Dec. 2011)
13(2010) in Japan November 2 (Mon) to 9 (Mon) Keynote speeches: Theme 1 Theme 2 Exchange between Children's Libraries Monthly Bulletin No. 597 (Dec. 2010)(PDF: 3.97MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 176 (Feb. 2011)
12(2009) in Korea November 2 (Mon) to 9 (Mon) Main theme: Contents and Services of Digital Libraries Keynote speeches: Presentation on main theme Exchange between Children's Libraries Monthly Bulletin No. 588 (Mar. 2010)(PDF: 5.24MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 171 (Feb. 2010)
11(2007) in Japan June 13 (Wed) to 20 (Wed) Overviews of the NDL and NLK (keynote speeches) Main theme: Acquisition, provision and preservation of digital information Monthly Bulletin No. 559 (Oct. 2007)(PDF: 3.59MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 156 (Aug. 2007)
10(2006) in Korea September 19 (Tue) to 26 (Tue) Overviews of the NDL and NLK (keynote speeches) Main theme: Reference Services in the Digital Information Age: Focusing on Construction of a Cooperative Digital Reference Network Monthly Bulletin No. 550 (Jan. 2007)(PDF: 1.9MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 152 (Dec. 2006)
9(2005) in Japan May 31 (Tue) to June 7(Tue)

Overviews of the NDL and NLK (keynote speeches)

Main theme: Children's services

Monthly Bulletin No.534 (Sep.2005)(PDF: 1.63MB)
NDL Newsletter No.144 (Aug.2005)
8(2004) in Korea Oct 11 (Mon) to Oct 18 (Mon) Main-theme: Future of National Libraries Sub-theme: Acquisition and Preservation of Digital Information Resources Monthly Bulletin No. 526 (Jan 2005)(PDF: 3.36MB)
NDL Newsletter No. 140 (Dec 2004)
7(2003) in Japan Jun 17 (Tue) to Jun 24 (Tue) Keynote speech:
Overview of the present status of the NDL and NLK Presentation on main theme: Digital library construction
Monthly Bulletin No. 510 (Sep 2003)
NDL Newsletter No. 133 (Oct 2003)
6(2002) in Korea Sep 9 (Mon) to Sep 16 (Mon) Keynote speech: Presentation on main theme: Key projects and new reader services Monthly Bulletin No. 501 (Dec 2002)
NDL Newsletter No. 129 (Mar 2003)
5(2001) in Japan May 21 (Mon) to May 28 (Mon) Keynote speech:
  • NDL's activities - an update (Report by NDL)
  • NLK in the 21st century (Report by NLK)
Training and retraining of librarians (Section meeting)
Monthly Bulletin No. 486 (Sep 2001)
NDL Newsletter No. 120 (Jul 2001)
4(2000) in Korea Sep 18 (Mon) to Sep 25 (Mon) Keynote speech:
  • The new user service plan of NDL (Report by NDL)
  • Overview and future strategy of the NLK (Report by NLK)
Acquisition and dissemination of overseas materials (Section meeting)
Monthly Bulletin No. 477 (Dec 2000)
NDL Newsletter No. 118 (Mar 2001)
3(1999) in Japan May 24 (Mon) to May 31 (Mon) Keynote speech:
  • NDL heading for the 21st century: project for the three-libraries system (Report by NDL)
  • The role of the national library in the intellectual information society (Report by NLK)
    Libraries and copyright (Section meeting)
Monthly Bulletin No. 461 (Aug 1999)
NDL Newsletter No. 110 (Aug 1999)
2(1998) in Korea Sep 21 (Mon) to Sep 23 (Wed) Keynote speech:
  • 50th anniversary of NDL and its future plan (Report by NDL)
  • Current status and future tasks of the NLK (Report by NLK)
    Library Cooperation (Section meeting)
    Preservation and conservation (Section meeting)
    Digital Library (Section meeting)
* Participation in the All Korea Library Conference held at Kyongju
Monthly Bulletin No. 454 (Jan 1999)
1(1997) in Japan Nov 9 (Sun) to Nov 16 (Sun) Keynote speech:
  • Future plan of NDL (Report by NDL)
  • Current status and future prospects of NLK (Report by NLK)
    Legal deposit system (Section meeting)
    MARC (Sectionmeeting)
    User services (Section meeting)
Monthly Bulletin No. 443 (Feb 1998)
NDL Newsletter No. 106 (Mar 1998)

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