• The 70th Anniversary of the National Diet Library, Japan

    The National Diet Library (NDL), Japan celebrates its 70th anniversary.
    We will hold commemorative international symposiums and an exhibition. Please take a closer look at the NDL's unique efforts and its valuable collection on this occasion.

  • Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

    This exhibition presents portrait photographs of statesmen, government officials, military officers, businessmen, scholars, cultural figures and others who had an impact on building modern Japanese society.

  • Publication of a Report on Public Library Services for Persons with Special Needs

    The NDL has published a report of a questionnaire about library services for persons with special needs that was sent to all public libraries nationwide.

  • Autograph manuscripts and original artwork of well-known people

    This exhibition introduces autographs and the drawings of well-known people in Japan until the Showa era.

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Current~Coming Events and Exhibitions

  • Open

    September 9(Sun.)~January 20(Sun.),

    Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Akai tori―authors and poets who contributed to this legendary children's magazine will be held at the ILCL

  • Upcoming

    October 18(Thu.)~November 24(Sat.),
    November 30(Fri.)~December 22(Sat.),

    70-anniversary Commemorative Exhibition: A Treasure Box of Books – The 70-year History of the National Diet Library and Its Collections* will be held at the Tokyo Main Library ・ Kansai-kan

  • Closed

    October 21(Sun.),

    Lecture: Doyo (children's songs) and music of Akai tori * will be held at the ILCL

  • First-come, first-served

    October 28(Sun.),

    Concert for Children * will be held at the ILCL

  • Now Accepting

    November 10(Sat.),

    70th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Lecture at Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library * will be held at the Kansai-kan

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