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This digital exhibition is based on the following book: "Hito to Zosho to Zoshoin" (Yushodo Shuppan 2002). This book contains edited articles from 'The National Diet Library collection: Zoshoin' serialized in "National Diet Library Monthly Bulletin" from No.166 (1975.10) to No.477 (2000.12).

Ex-librisOownership Stamp

The sizes of the ex-libris ownership stamps shown on this site are not actual ones. Actual sizes are written in 'Reading and the size of the ex-libris stamp' in this digital exhibition.
The ex-libris ownership stamps presented in 'Variations in Ex-libris Ownership Stamps' are reproduction of "Shinpen Zosho Inpu" (Seishodo Shoten 2001).

Exhibited Materials

All materials shown in this digital exhibition are from the NDL collection.

Review of Contents

The explanations in this exhibition were supervised by Aijima Hiroshi, the NDL staff at that time.


July 18, 2003  Released this digital exhibition.
March, 2020  Renewed the whole website.


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Reproduction of the contents

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Source: Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures


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