Prince Yoshihisa

Date of Birth and Death
April 1, 1847 - Octover 28, 1895
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Court Noble, Former Daimyo (Feudal Lord) , Military Officer
Pen name etc.
Kitashirakawa no miya, Mitsu no miya


Imperial family member and military officer. Son of Prince Fushimi Kuniie. After he was conferred the title of imperial prince in 1858, he became a priest and was called “Kogen”. He became the head of Rinnoji Monzeki Temple in 1867. After the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, he petitioned for the release of TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu, who was put under house arrest, and became the leader of the Oshu Union. After the suppression of Oshu in 1868, he received a probation, but the following year he was pardoned and returned to being a rince. In 1871, he went to Germany to study tactics, and in 1873 he became the head of the Kitashirakawa family. In 1895, he went to Taiwan as the commander of the Imperial Guard Division, and died in Tainan.


Prince Yoshihisa

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