Shimazaki, Toson (1872 - 1943)

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Occupation, Status Literary Figure
Birthplace(modern name) Nagano
Date of Birth and Death Mar. 25, 1872 - Aug. 22, 1943
Pen name etc. Haruki


Poet and novelist. Born in Nagano, the son of a village headman who was running a Honjin (official inn) at Kiso Magomejuku. A graduate of Meiji Gakuin. While studying there, Shimazaki was baptized and his interest in literature increased. He launched the magazine "Bungakkai" (the Literary World) with Tokoku Kitamura and other staff in 1893. He published "Wakanashu" (Collection of Young Herbs) (1897), "Hitohabune" (1898), "Natsukusa" (1898), and "Rakubaishu" (1901), winning a reputation as Shintaishijin(new-style poet). Later, he became known as a representative naturalistic novelist for writing "Hakai" (the broken commandment) (1906), and publishing "Shinsei" (New Life) (1918-19), "Yoake Mae" (Before The Dawn) (1929-35).

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Source:Shimazaki Toson
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Source:Toson Kansoshu
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