Part 1: Expositions Held in and before 1900

Largest international exposition of the 19th century

: Exposition Universelle
: April 15, 1900 - November 12, 1900
: Paris (Champ de Mars, Trocadero, Invalides, Champs-Élysées, the riversides of the River Seine)
No. of visitors
: 50,861,000

As an opportunity to conclude the 19th century and to demonstrate views in anticipation for the 20th century, the international exposition of 1900 was the largest and most flamboyant yet held in Paris. While Germany and the United States were experiencing remarkable developments through heavy industries, France was demonstrating its superiority in the fields of high-class handicrafts and decorative arts, leading to the subsequent rise of art nouveau. Every time an international exposition was held in Paris, it became more and more difficult for the exposition to draw visitors merely with the display of exhibits. In this regard, at the fifth Paris International Exposition, numerous attractions using electricity were built. A moving sidewalk and an electric railcar running along the sidewalk became popular. Also, placed in front of the Electricity Pavilion, the main structure was the Fairy of Electricity, a statue studded with electric lights shimmering with colored lights, appealing to the eyes of the crowds.


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