Vienna International Exposition of 1873

First international exposition officially participated in by the Meiji government

: Weltausstellung 1873 Wien
: May 1, 1873 - November 1, 1873
: Vienna, Austria (Park of Prater)
No. of visitors
: 7.25 million

In addition to the Industrial Pavilion, the centerpiece of the venue, many other exhibition pavilions were built with individual themes, such as machinery and agriculture. Providing harmony between the pavilions located in a park and the forests encompassing the park, the exposition was highly regarded as novel and magnificent. The exposition is renowned as having significantly affected the city renovation of Vienna. Following this international exposition, serious discussion began on the necessity of international patent rules. This event was the first international exposition the modern Japanese government officially participated in and displayed its exhibits. The Japanese garden constructed at the venue was visited by the Emperor and Empress of Austria. The Japanese government displayed popular, unusual and excellent industrial art products, enhancing the popularity of the Japonism.


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