Second Paris International Exposition of 1867

International expositions need entertainment too

: Exposition Universelle
: April 1, 1867 - October 1, 1867
: Paris (Champ de Mars)
No. of visitors
: 9,063,000 (no. of those who visited the exposition for a fee)

This was held by Napoleon III to rival the London International Exposition. Outside the main venue were an array of shops, amusement parks and restaurants, gaining wide public popularity. These entertainment facilities helped the French exposition provide a fun atmosphere like that of a festival, causing the event to be regarded as a model to be followed by the subsequent international expositions. The exposition came to a successful end, with a number of visitors larger than that of the first London International Exposition. The exhibits that attracted public attention at the Paris event included machinery such as a motor and a dynamo by Siemens Co., and a hydraulic elevator by L. Edoux, as well as arms, such as a gun by Krupp Co.. Also, this was the first international exposition in which Japan officially participated. The Japanese exhibits triggered the popularity of Japonism.


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