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User Registration: simple registration

Services Available for Simple Registered Users (individuals)

1 Remote Photoduplication You can apply for photocopies via National Diet Library Search (NDL Search) or postal mail without visiting the library, only when you specify the part to be copied. You can receive the copies only by postal mail.
For further information, please see Remote Photoduplication.
2 Article research service Article research service is useful when you are unable to submit a request successfully for remote photoduplication services, because even though you know the title of the article or thesis you wish to copy, you don't know the issue of the periodical containing the article.
For further information, please see NDL Search Help.
3 Interfacility request for browsing
*Requests Only
Request that materials held at Kansai-kan be sent to the Tokyo Main Library for browsing on the NDL premises or that materials held at the Tokyo Main Library/the International Library of Children's Literature be sent to the Kansai-kan for browsing on NDL premises.
* We regret that at the ILCL you cannot request materials held in the Tokyo Main Library or the Kansai-kan.
For further information, please see
4 Reservation for browsing (Kansai-kan only)
*Requests Only
You can make advance reservations to browse materials from the closed stacks on the Kansai-kan premises via NDL Search.
For further information, please see NDL Search Help

Patrons who do not have their Registration Card on their person or who are not registered users must present identification to browse the materials at the Tokyo Main Library or Kansai-kan.

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Registration Qualifications

  • Anyone eighteen years of age or older is eligible to apply for user registration
  • A valid email address is required
  • You cannot register an address other than your present home address (office or school address is not accepted)

You can obtain only one user ID. We cannot issue multiple user IDs to one patron. If you are already an official registered user, you can use the library's services with your ID.

Please note that User IDs should only be used by the patron to whom it was issued.
Also, please do not use your institution's name when applying to be a Simple Registered User (individuals). Please visit the User Registration for Institutions webpage to apply using your institution's name.

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Application Procedure

You can apply through NDL Search User Registration

  1. Enter your email address. You will be sent an email confirming receipt of your application request from the ndl.go.jp domain.
  2. The email includes a URL that can be accessed to complete your application for user registration (select "simple registration"). Please access the URL within 24 hours.
    * Your name and your address are essential to sending you postal packages, please input them precisely without omissions. Those who live in Japan, please input your prefecture's name. Those who live outside of Japan, please input your country name (required) and postal code (if any), and we strongly recommend you input your name in the English alphabet.
  3. The message "Your application for Simple Registration has been accepted" is displayed when your application is accepted. Your simple registered User ID will be shown and be sent to you via email shortly thereafter.
  • Your user ID and password will not be sent by postal mail.
  • A Registration Card will not be issued.
  • Your registered information will be shown at "Registered information" if you log on to NDL Search. Your use type is "Simple registration".

For further information, please see NDL Search Help.

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Extension of Expiry Date

The validity of your registration will expire when three years have passed from the registration or the last update.
However, the expiration date is automatically updated every time the user does the following.

To continue to enjoy our services for registered users even after expiration, you must apply for user registration again.

* The expiry date can be confirmed via the NDL Search front page. Enter your user ID and password and click on the "My Account" button.

* If you registered your email address, you will be informed 90 days before your ID expires.

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Updating Registered Information

You can update your information via NDL Search. Enter your user ID and password, click on the "My Account" button and then follow the instructions for each column.

  • Your name, registered address, password, and shipping address(if any) can be changed.
  • If you change your email address, you are required to change your registered email address via NDL Search.
  • Date of birth can not be changed. If you need to change your date of birth, you must delete your registration and register again with the correct information.

For further information, please see NDL Search Help.

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Deleting Registration

You can delete your information via NDL Search if:

* There are no uncompleted requests.

* Your account has no restrictions on use.

* A period of time has passed since after your requests have been completed (the period during which you can check your past request history)

If you apply to transfer from simple registration to official registration, and the application is not completed, you can not delete your registration via NDL Search.

Enter your user ID and password, click on the "My Account" button and then follow the instruction.

For further information, please see NDL Search Help.

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If You Forgot Your Password

You can reset your password via NDL Search. You will need your user ID and email address.
For further information, please see NDL Search Help.

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If You Forgot Your ID or Your Registered Email Address

If you forgot your ID, apply to have your ID resent by entering the following information into the Inquiry Form.

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Your registered email address
  • Your registered address

If you forgot your registered email address, please contact the ILL Section of the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library.

If you have a hearing, speech or other disability that makes it difficult for you to use the telephone, please select "Other" below, enter the details of your inquiry and send it to us using this form. When entering your inquiry, please state that you have difficulty using the telephone.

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For More Information on User Registration

Please contact us at the following telephone number, fax number or email address:

ILL Section, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library
Fax: +81-774-94-9112
Email: ill-secat n d l dot g o dot j p
Please note that we do not accept applications for registration by fax or email (including as an attached file)

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