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How to Get Bibliographic Data

1. Online Services

Bibliographic data and NDL authority data are available online via the following services.

NDL Search

Provides services that enable integrated search of bibliographic data and digital archives of prefectural libraries, archives, museums, institutes of academic research and NDL.

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
    You can obtain bibliographic records through API.
  • DC-NDL (RDF)
    You can download bibliographic records outputted in DC-NDL (RDF) format.
  • RSS (in Japanese)
    Japanese National Bibliography records and newly arrived records (in-process) are delivered by RSS feed.

Web NDL Authorities

  • All NDL authority data, which includes NDL name authority data and NDL subject headings (NDLSH), are available on the Internet.
  • You can download data in one of three formats: RDF/XML, RDF/Turtle, or JSON.
  • You can also download the list of NDLSH in RDF/XML or TSV format. New and revised subject headings are available via RSS feed.
  • Authority data is searchable in Web NDL Authorities using SPARQL Query. For details, please refer to Web NDL Authorities SPARQL API Specifications (Ver.1.0) 2014.3.31 (PDF: 485KB).
  • The interface is available in Japanese and English.

For the use of Web NDL Authorities, please see the "Web NDL Authorities" page.

For the use of authority data, please see the "Terms of use".


NDL-Bib enables patrons to download bibliographic information created by the National Diet Library.

  • Japanese National Bibliography (in Japanese)
    This service provides access to both the records of Japanese National Bibliography and newly arrived records (in-process). You can search them by date approved, and download them in JAPAN/MARC MARC21 format. Records are available in either MARC tags format or Character-Separated Values ($ separated) format.
  • Format of Bibliographic Data
    MARC21 is the format provided by the Library of Congress. The NDL adopts this format for the international provision of bibliographic data. For details, please see the website of the Library of Congress.
  • Web Conversion Service (in Japanese)
    If you need to convert JAPAN/MARC MARC21 format to JAPAN/MARC 2009 format, please use this service.
  • NDL-Bib Quick Tour (in Japanese)
    If you want to learn more about NDL-Bib, please visit "NDL-Bib Quick Tour".
  • Users guide: Downloading Bibliographic Records via the NDL-Bib (PDF: 386KB) (in Japanese)

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2. Distribution of Japanese National Bibliography

For the use of Japanese National Bibliography, please see the "Japanese National Bibliography" page.

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3. JAPAN/MARC (machine-readable version of the Japanese National Bibliography)

MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloging) provides the mechanism by which computers exchange, use and interpret bibliographic information.
JAPAN/MARC is on sale from the Japan Library Service Association (in Japanese) and the Characters Culture Promotion Organization (in Japanese).

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4. Systems compliant with NDL bibliographic data

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5. Seminars on the use of bibliographic data, etc.

Seminars and trainings explaining the use of bibliographic data have been held since 2013.
For further information, please see the page entitled "Seminars on the use of bibliographic data, etc." (in Japanese)

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6. Questionnaire on the use of bibliographic data

The NDL conducted surveys on the use of bibliographic data.
The results of the surveys are available in "Questionnaire on the use of bibliographic data" (in Japanese).

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7. Standards for bibliographic data

The NDL establishes standards for bibliographic data according to the features of the material and the purpose of use, to promptly create and provide accurate data on its vast collections.
Standards for bibliographic data define how completely and with what degree of verification catalog records are produced in NDL Collections. For further information, please see "Standards for bibliographic data" (in Japanese).

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8. International Cooperation

  • WorldCat
    In the mutual collaboration with OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.), the NDL globally provides JAPAN/MARC records via WorldCat, a bibliographic database operated and maintained by the OCLC.
  • Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
    The NDL has been a member of the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) since October 1, 2012. Over 960,000 of NDL's authority data for personal name, corporate name, family name, uniform title, and place name are provided. Web NDL Authorities exchanges links with VIAF.

For other activities, please see "International Cooperation in Bibliographic Services".

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9. Contact Us

Your question may have been asked before. Please check the page of Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

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National Diet Library
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Tokyo 100-8924, JAPAN
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