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Cataloging Tools and Resources

List of Applied Rules

What rules and tools are used depends on the kind of materials and the time of cataloging. Rules and tools used now are as below. For details about cataloging rules, classifications, subject headings and their chronological transitions, please refer to the "History of Applied Rules" (in Japanese).

Japanese books:

Western books:

Japanese/Western serials (periodicals, newspapers):

Japanese non-book materials:

Western non-book materials:

Materials in Asian languages:

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Rules managed by other organizations

"Nippon Cataloging Rules 1987 3rd Revised Edition"

The Nippon Cataloging Rules (NCR), which are cataloging standards in Japan, have been compiled and published by the Japan Library Association.
The current edition is the 3rd revised edition, published in 2006.

"Nippon Decimal Classification 10th Revised Edition"

Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) has been revised and published by the Japan Library Association and widely adopted in Japan.
"Nippon Decimal Classification 10th Revised Edition", the current edition, was published by the Japan Library Association in 2014.

"Resource Description and Access : RDA"

The NDL applies RDA for cataloging Western books.

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