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4-13 Record of the Examination Committee of Privy Council on the Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution after the Decision in the 90th Session, October 19, 1946

 The constitutional revision bill approved by the Imperial Diet was again brought before the Privy Council on October 12, 1946. The Privy Council convened an examining committee twice, on October 19 and 21, and on the 29th of the same month a plenary session of the Privy Council met and passed the bill unanimously.

 These materials are the records kept by the officials from the Bureau of Legislation who attended the first and second meetings. The committee heard an explanation given by Minister of State Kanamori, based on the document titled "Progress of the Examination of the Proposal for Constitutional Revision in the Imperial Diet" and the members of the committee put questions chapter by chapter. Attending from the Bureau of Legislation were Irie, the Director General, Tatsuo Sato, Vice Director General (who attended only the first meeting) and Isao Sato, an official. The record of this committee meeting is based on the notes taken by Isao Sato.

Actual Title of Source Dai 90 Gikai Giketsugo ni Okeru Teikoku Kenpo Kaiseian Sumitsuin Shinsa Iinkai Kiroku - Hoseikyoku
Date October 1946
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