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4-12 Amended Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution Passed by the Special Committee in the House of Peers, October 3, 1946

 On October 3, 1946, Yoshishige Abe, Chairman of the House of Peers' Special Committee on Revision of the Imperial Constitution, reported to the President of the House of Peers that the amended bill had been approved. Deliberations were held in the plenary session of the House of Peers on October 5 and 6, and on October 6 it was decided to accept the amendments as made by the Special Committee.

 The report by the committee chairman was submitted on October 3, with materials attached indicating the revised points from the Special Committee. Several notes were made on these materials, which are among Irie Toshio Papers, during the two days of deliberations in the plenary session of the House of Peers starting with the report by the Chairman of the Committee Yoshishige Abe, and continuing through the decision-making process.

Actual Title of Source Teikoku Kenpo Kaiseian (Kenpo Kaisei Dai Ichi Go)
Date October 3, 1946
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers:47
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