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4-14 Constitution of Japan, November 3, 1946

 This is an extra edition of the Official Gazette in which the Constitution of Japan was promulgated. The constitutional revision bill proposed and discussed in the Imperial Diet on June 25, 1946, was finally passed in the House of Representatives on October 6 after four months of debate in both houses of the Diet. It was then brought before the Privy Council, and on October 29, it was approved by the Privy Council and officially ratified by the Emperor. On November 3, 1946, the Constitution of Japan was promulgated.

 The autographs of Yoshida, Kanamori, Ashida and others can be found on the cover page of this copy of the Official Gazette in the Irie Toshio Papers. Presumably, Irie had his copy signed in commemoration of the promulgation.

Actual Title of Source Nihonkoku Kenpo (Kanpo Gogai)
Date November 3, 1946
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers:46
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Repository National Diet Library
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