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2-5 Report on the Survey Regarding Constitutional Reform by the Public Opinion Survey Division, the Bureau of Information, December 19, 1945

 This is a report produced by the Public Opinion Survey Division in the Bureau of Information using the Research Department of Kyodo News Service to gather the opinions of people in all levels of society throughout Japan. The report consisted of 287 respondents. Of the total, 75% (216 respondents) answered that constitutional reform was necessary. The greatest number (70 respondents) called for limits on the Imperial prerogative and expanding the powers of the Diet, 57 respondents were for abolishing or reforming the House of Peers, 41 respondents wanted the will of the people to be heeded by government, and 32 wanted greater rights for the people and protection of freedoms. The respondents were evenly split on the acceptability of the current process of constitutional revisions. It is most likely that there was a strong trend among workers and tenant farmers that advocated popular sovereignty and demanded a constitution established by the people.

Actual Title of Source Kenpo Kaisei ni Kansuru Yoron Chosa Hokoku
Date December 19, 1945
Document Number Sato Tatsuo Papers: 12
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