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2-6 Junji Nomura, "Position Paper Regarding Constitutional Reform," December 26, 1945

 This paper is known as the "Nomura Position Paper." It is dated December 26, 1945 and was written by Junji Nomura, an advisor on the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee. This position paper was written up according to the agreement at the fourth general meeting of the Constitutional Problems Investigation Committee. But because it was submitted behind schedule and assumed a progressive character as well, it did not carry great weight in the deliberations of the committee. In this position paper, Nomura gives detailed arguments for his views of reforms and their reasons in which he touches on the significance of democracy as well as the histories of constitutional systems in foreign countries. It differed from the proposals of the other committee members which did not discuss the fundamental doctrines of the Constitution. It presented extremely innovative appeals on the necessity for a major reform of the Constitution and the formation of a governmental organization like the American-style presidential system, along with the nationalization of land and certain industries.

Actual Title of Source Kenpo Kaisei ni Kansuru Ikensho
Date December 26, 1945
Document Number Irie Toshio Papers: 11
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