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2-4 Joji Matsumoto's "Four-Point Principle for Constitutional Reform," December 8, 1945

 In a meeting of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on December 8, 1945, Joji Matsumoto explained his principle for constitutional revision in response to questions from Takeyo Nakatani of the Independents' Club. What was to become known as Matsumoto's four point principle included: 1. Maintaining the sovereignty of the Emperor, 2. Expanding the powers of the Diet, 3. Expanding the responsibilities of Ministers of State to the Diet, 4. Strengthening protections of the people's rights and liberties. This was the policy initially set forth by the government for constitutional reform, but in actuality did not have a large impact. More importantly, as the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives continued on December 11, Chozaburo Mizutani of the Socialist Party argued that a democratic Constitution would not be possible if the Emperor system with the Emperor as a person with protected rights of sovereignty was allowed to continue. Based on this four-point principle, Matsumoto created his "Matsumoto Draft" dated January 4, 1946.

Actual Title of Source Dai Hachiju-kyukai Teikoku Gikai Shugiin Yosan Iinkaigiroku (Sokki) Dai Nanakai, Showa Nijunen Junigatsu Yoka [Kenpo Kaisei Yon Gensoku (Matsumoto)]
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Publisher Secretariat of the House of Representatives
Date of Publication December 19, 1945
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