TANAKA Fujimaro

Date of Birth and Death
July 16, 1845 - February 1, 1909
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Government Official , Politician


Official and statesman. Born as a feudal retainer of the Owari domain, he was an anti-shogunate imperialist. In 1869, he served the Meiji Government as a Daigaku Goyogakari, and in 1871, he accompanied the Iwakura Mission to investigate the Western education system. After returning to Japan, he became Monbudaifu in 1874, and in 1879 the Education Ordinance was enacted. After that, he successively served as the Shihokyo (predecessor to the Minister of Justice), Minister to Italy, Minister to France, Privy Councilor, and Minister of Justice.


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TANAKA Fujimaro

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