MAKINO Shinichi

Date of Birth and Death
November 12, 1896 - March 24, 1936
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Occupation, Status
Literary Figure


Novelist. After graduating from Waseda University in 1919, he self-published the magazine Jusannin (Thirteen People), and published the story Tsume (Nail) in the magazine, which was appreciated by Shimazaki Toson. In 1924, with the release of the autobiographical novels Chichi wo Uru Ko (A Child Selling his Father) and Chichi no Hyakkanichi Zengo (100 Days Since Father’s Death), he became a full-time novelist. In 1931 he gathered art critics including Kobayashi Hideo and founded the magazine Bunka, and the same year he exhibited his own uniquely imaginative style in works like Zeron and Bararuda Monogatari. While publishing some novels like Kinada Mura (1934), he started to suffer from mental illness and eventually committed suicide.


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MAKINO Shinichi

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