SUZUKI Miekichi

Date of Birth and Death
September 29, 1882 - June 27, 1936
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Literary Figure


Novelist and children's writer. While attending the Imperial University of Tokyo in 1906, at the suggestion of Natsume Soseki he published Chidori in the magazine Hototogisu and debuted as a novelist. He published a collection of short stories, Chiyogami, in 1907, and later while working as a middle-school teacher he wrote Romanticism works like Kotori no Su (The Bird's Nest) in 1910. He then switched to being a children's book writer and issued the children's magazine Akai Tori (Red Bird) in 1918, for which he also served as its editor-in-chief. He encouraged children's cultural activities and educated many young children's writers.


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SUZUKI Miekichi

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