KUJO Takeko

Date of Birth and Death
Octover 20, 1887 - February 7, 1928
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A women's educator, poet and social activist. She was the second daughter of the hereditary head of Nishi Honganji Temple in Kyoto. She moved to Europe after marrying into the Kujo family, yet returned to Japan leaving her family behind in 1910. She studied waka poetry under Sasaki Nobutsuna and published works actively in the magazine Kokoro no Hana (Flowers in heart). In 1911 she became the head of the Buddhist Women's Association, travelling around the country and promoting women's education. She founded the Kyoto Girl's Higher Middle School (later, Kyoto Women's University) in 1920. After the Great Kanto earthquake, she led the medical care team, setting up nurseries and temporary hospitals as well as founding institutions for deprived girls.


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KUJO Takeko

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