Date of Birth and Death
January 25, 1885 - November 2, 1942
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Literary Figure
Pen name etc.
KITAHARA Ryukichi(real name), Shasui (pen name)


Poet. He dropped out of the Department of English Literature at Waseda University. Invited by Yosano Hiroshi, he joined the Shinshi-sha group in 1906 and actively published works in the magazine Myojo. After parting from the group in 1908, he set up Pan no kai, a group of poets and western-style painters, and published his first poetry book, Jashumon (Heretics) one year later. In 1911 his collection of lyrical poetry Omoide (Memories) helped him to be recognized as a poet. After publishing his second book Kiri no Hana (Paulownia Blossoms), facing poverty and difficulties in life he focused on his poetry, and published Suzume no Tamago (Sparrow's Eggs) in 1921. He started to write for the children’s songs section of the magazine Akai Tori (Red Bird) in 1918 and produced many original children’s songs. In the Showa era, he published Azarashi to Kumo (Seals and Clouds) (1929). In 1935 he established a magazine which specialized in tanka poetry, Tama, and tried to revive romanticism. Throughout his life, he produced many poems of great quality and is one of the most renowned Japanese poets.


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