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Shinagawa-ku, Kitashinagawa
A hill that was at the northernmost tip of Shinagawa-shuku Station. In the "Edo Sunago" published in 1772, the origin of the name was said to be that previously there were "8 headlands here" or there where "the residences of 8 Daimyo (feudal lords)". In addition, it was also called "Mt. Dainichisan" because in 1700 there was a Dainichi-do Hall on this land. At the coast at the base, there were moorings for ships of approximately 18m both length and width which were used by travelers and visitors. The land from this hill was used in engineering and construction works such as the building of stone walls for the seashore area about the bottom of Yatsuyama, and recovery from flowing of the Meguro-gawa River, so today the hill is mostly flat.