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The nishiki-e (color woodblock prints) included in this exhibition were selected from our collections. Excluding a few images such as portraits of artists and illustrations of columns, it is possible to see the images in the NDL Digitil Collections (Open in a new window) on the NDL website.

Descriptions etc.

Descriptions were produced by staff of the National Diet Library.
For landmarks which are referred to in materials contained in the NDL Digitil Collections (Open in a new window) and Digital Exhibitions (Open in a new window) on the NDL website, links are provided to corresponding sites.


  • "Kadokawa Nihon Chimei Daijiten vol.13 Tokyo-to" Kadokawa Shoten, 1978 <Call No. GB11-38>
  • "Edo Meiji Tokyo kasane chizu" project by Toyomi KOJIMA, production by Keiji NAKAGAWA, APP Co. 2004, Maruzen <Call No. YH251-H153>
  • "Genshoku Ukiyo-e Daihyakkajiten" Taishukan Shoten, 1982 <Call No. YP14-684>

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