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Other Name(s)
Iikura Shinmeigu, Shiba Shinmeigu
Current Address
Minato-ku, Shibadaimon
According to the shrine records, the enshrinement took place in 1005. It was originally located at a place called Koyamashinmei close to Akabane-bashi Bridge, however in 1598, because Zojo-ji Temple was to be relocated to a site which included the land the shrine was on, it was relocated to its current position. The shrine received the protection of the Tokugawa Shogunate government, and tea stalls, playhouses and other facilities were lined up inside the grounds and before the gates and sumo and lottery and other events were held, making the shrine very prosperous. In addition, the annual festival held from September 11 to 21 came to be called the "shoga matsuri" (ginger festival) due to the ginger market held there and the sale of ginger still covered in soil, and was also called the "dara dara matsuri" (sluggish festival) because it was held for a long 11 days. Chigibako (chigi boxes, elliptical boxes made from thin cedar painted with red, green and blue patterns) containing rice boiled with red beans and other foods as good luck charms at the festival.