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1. Carrying on the Classics

Waka (Japanese Poems)

11. Kokin waka shu furugiki

  • 20 volumes, lectured by Sogi, noted by Shohaku, copied in early modern period (16th -17thcentury), 6 books, 26.4 by 20.2cm <WA16-131>

An annotated book of Kokin waka shu(anthology of waka poems compiled at the beginning of the 10th century). Sogi's some 40 lectures performed in 1481 were recorded by his pupil, Shohaku.

12. Denshin shu

  • copied in the mid Edo Period (17th-18th century), 1 book, 27.7 by 20.5cm <Honbetsu15-30>

Interpretations of Kokin waka shu were passed from masters to their pupils in medieval times. The top secrets of making waka poems were compiled into this book.

13. Hyakunin isshu sho

  • lectured by Keiko, copied at the end of the Muromachi Period (16th century), 1 book, 24.3 by 17.4cm <WA16-130>

An annotated book of Ogura hyakunin isshu (Anthology of 100 waka poems from 100 poets. Compiled in the early 13th century). Completed in 1530.

14. Ogura hyakunin isshu

  • by Hishikawa Moronobu, printed by Hon-doiya (of Edo) in the 8th year of the Enpo Era (1680), 1 book, 25.9 by 17.9cm <Kibetsu5-7-1-10>

This illustrated book introduces the 100 waka poems of Ogura hyakunin isshu together with the portraits of the poets. Hishikawa Moronobu is famous as the father of the ukiyoe.