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About This Exhibition

This exhibition aims to electronically organize the special exhibitions held at the Tokyo Main Library from October 16 to 29, and at the Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library from November 13 to 26, 2008, on the website.


Descriptions are prepared and edited by the Special Exhibition Subcommittee under the National Diet Library Exhibition Committee.

Exhibited Materials

All materials provided on the website are in the possession of the Rare Books and Old Materials Room of the NDL. Some of the materials are accessible from "NDL Digital Collections" on the website. To conserve the valuable materials, please access them in microfilmed form wherever possible.

Bibliographic Matters

  • Commentaries on the materials are provided in the following order in principle:
    Material number, title, number of volumes, author, publishing place, publisher, year of printing or copy, number of books, size, call number, exposition.
  • Titles not mentioned on the materials and the estimated years are indicated in square brackets, [ ].
  • Years are shown in the Christian era and/or in the Japanese eras or periods.
  • Sizes are indicated in centimeters in length by width format.
  • Our call numbers are referred to in < >.

Update Information

Character code and metatag were renovated. on August 8, 2012

Provision started on November 27, 2008


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Reproduction of the contents

The images in this exhibition may be reproduced in other media without applying to the NDL. If you wish to reproduce the contents, please make sure to read "Utilizing the contents of the website of the National Diet Library" on the NDL website in advance.

However, in order to reproduce content other than images (bibliographic information, document, article, etc.) or the structure of the digital exhibition itself, whether in part or in its entirety, you must complete the Reproduction Request Form on the NDL website.


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