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1. Carrying on the Classics

Ise Monogatari and Genji Monogatari 2

5. Genji monogatari

  • 54 volumes, copied in the early Edo Period (17th Century), 54 books, 16.0 by 17.4cm <WA21-26>

This is a manuscript of Genji monogatari. It is said that this exquisitely decorated book using gold leaves was previously owned by Prince Higashikuni.

6. Genji monogatari

  • 54 volumes, printed in the Keicho Era (1596 to 1615), 54 books, 25.4 by 19.2cm <WA7-263>

Old-movable type edition. This book is said to be the first printed book of Genji monogatari. This is one of the earliest books for which hiragana types were used. Only two others are handed down as scribal copies.

7. Genjisho

  • written by Shotetsu, copied by Shoko in the 11th year of the Bunmei Era (1479), 2 books, 28.3 by 22.5cm <WA16-142>

This is an annotated book of Genji monogatari written by Shotetsu, a waka poet. Completed in 1440. The original book handwritten by the author was transcribed by his pupil, Shoko.

8. Genji monogatari kikigaki

  • copied in the 2nd year of the Hoei Era (1705), 25 books, 30.8 by 22.6cm <WA21-13>

This is an annotated book of Genji monogatari. Seemingly completed around 1571. The entire text is indicated, and numerous notes are inserted between the lines and in the margins.

9. Mingo nisso

  • 55 volumes, written by Nakanoin Michikatsu, copied by Asukai Masaaki in the 20th year of the Kan'ei Era (1643), 55 books, 27.4 by 20.7cm <WA18-17>

Nakanoin Michikatsu (1556 to 1610), a classicist, compiled the representative annotations provided in the past for Genji monogatari into a book. Completed in 1598. The exhibit is a copy of the author's handwritten book.

10. Genji kokagami

  • 3 volumes, printed in the Genna Era (1615 to 1624), 3 books, 28.2 by 20.0cm <WA7-61>

This is a digest of Genji monogatari. Old-movable type edition. This book was the most popular one among the digests of the same type.