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Digital Library Projects

1. National Diet Library (NDL) Digital Library Projects

The National Diet Library (NDL) provides the following digital library services.

Archiving Information found on the Internet

The NDL acquires and preserves in its collections information from sources on the Internet.

Digitizing library materials

The NDL has been digitizing its collections since 2001. Also, the NDL provides access via the Internet to copyright cleared books published mainly during the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa eras as well as rare and historical materials. Materials under copyright protection are available on the premises at the NDL. Digitalized versions of some of these materials are available in The National Diet Library Digital Collections. The NDL intends to continue digitalization of library materials to increase availability to patrons.


The NDL has developed the National Diet Library Dublin Core Metadata Description (DC-NDL) in order to organize and share information sources on the Internet. For details about the metadata schemas currently adopted in the NDL digital archive system, please refer to Applications in each service.

Online Gallery

The NDL Online Gallery features a wide range of unique materials from its collections with easy-to-understand explanations on a variety of subjects.

Preserving digital information

The NDL works to ensure long-term preservation and usability of digital information. For details, please refer to Long-term Preservation and Provision of Digital Information.

Collecting records of the Great East Japan Earthquake

The NDL acquires and provides access to records such as sound recordings, videos, photos, web information, and other materials related to the Great East Japan Earthquake through the NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive "HINAGIKU". HINAGIKU serves as a portal site for the transmission to future generations of a wide variety of records and information about the Great East Japan Earthquake, for supporting the recovery and reconstruction of the affected area, and for contributing to the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters.


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